Product Applications

Piping Systems

When insulated pipe fittings require periodic inspection or maintenance, the insulation must be removed. The TEP “Energy-Wrap” removable/reusable insulation blanket is the cost-effective solution to the re-insulation. Applications such as flanged pairs, blind flanges, flanged valves (gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug, control, etc), strainers, expansion joints, flow meters, filters, elbows, regulators, pipe spools, or any other piping components that require maintenance and should be insulated.


Steam or gas turbines are the heart of the industrial power generation facilities. TEP has the experience to handle these temperature critical applications, often operating at 1000 degrees F. or higher. Multi-piece, double layer, and staggered joint design must be used on these large surface areas to prevent heat transfer at the joints. Utilizing the 3E NAIMA heat loss program, we can design insulation blankets to meet specific surface temperature or BTU/ square foot heat loss.

Exhaust Systems

TEP fabricates insulation covers for engine exhaust systems serving a large number of industries: packaged generators, stand-by generators, marine engine exhaust systems, bus exhaust systems for mass-transit and leisure, tractors for agriculture, mining, and the forestry industries. We have supplied insulation blankets for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, White, and many other diesel engine manufacturers. TEP "exhaust-wrap" offers the benefits of increased turbo efficiency, lower engine compartment / room temperature, and protection to electrical components and personnel.


TEP fabricates insulation blankets for a broad range of equipment applications across all of the industries we serve. Common applications are: heat exchanger heads/channels in the petrochemical; feed water heater heads in power generation, evaporator heads in the ethanol industry; injection/extrusion machines in the plastic industry and specialized insulated mold covers for the composite industry. If you have an application that must be insulated, which requires removal for maintenance or inspection, then TEP “Energy-Wrap” is the solution.


Pumps requiring insulation are a prime candidate for the application of removable/reusable insulation covers. Various pump types come in an array of configurations, making them difficult to insulate conventionally. Should the pump require heat tracing (whether electrical or steam), TEP has the cost-effective insulation solution for applications that require removal and replacement.

Man-way Doors

Man-way doors on tanks and vessels are located off platforms which personnel must have access. In temperature applications exceeding OSHA requirements, surface areas must be insulated or shields installed for burn protection. TEP insulation covers can meet this requirement plus offer the additional benefit of energy savings.

Instrument Covers

In climates where freeze protection insulation is a design requirement, specific instruments, level gauges, valve actuators, etc must be heat traced, and insulated. Along with a wide range of specialized materials used in the fabrication of insulation blankets, TEP uses a clear Teflon film, (high temp and UV retardant material) in areas where personnel must be able to view components inside the insulation cover.

Solar Applications

TEP, Inc fabricates both aluminum and fabric jacketed insulation covers installed on ball joints, tubes and piping components for some of the world's largest solar plants. We utilize specialized metal forming and cad-cam cutting machines to mass produce these specialized applications.

Acoustical Applications

TEP fabricates “Cousti-Panel” and “Acoustical blankets” for sound attenuation applications. “Cousti-Panels” are a diamond-shaped quilted insulation blanket that can be fabricated in “hanging” panels or custom-fitted over a framed enclosure. “Acoustical Blankets” are a specially designed insulation blanket sandwiched with “noise-absorbing” insulation, and “noise deadening” barium loaded vinyl. These blankets install directly onto the equipment.

Tube Wrap

Tube-Wrap was developed as a “personnel protection” application for one-half inch stainless steel tubing. It is a major savings over the conventional method of wrapping textile tape and painting with mastic on small diameter tubing. Contractors have elected to utilize Tube-Wrap for electrical traced tubing applications at their discretion. TEP does not guarantee this application being we have no control in the tracing design or the proper installation in situations subject to freeze protection. The standard jacket material used on tube wrap is a silicone coated Fiberglass cloth rated to 450° F.